Who We Are

Philanthropy and Leadership

The Hendricks Family Foundation will leverage the philanthropic gifts and leadership of the Foundation, made possible through the success of ABC Supply in order to shepherd the continual emergence of a dynamic Beloit, a community that will be known for its robust business environment, healthy neighborhoods, exemplary schools and vibrant, community life.

Our Values

We will adhere to the conservative principles and example of our founders, Ken and Diane Hendricks, in pursuing our goals.

  • We believe that every person has within themselves the ability to do great things.
  • We believe in individual responsibility and freedom, self-reliance, strong families and strong communities.
  • We embrace taking risks and believe in the entrepreneurial spirit that built and sustains ABC Supply and this country we love.
  • We believe education is the key path to opportunity and believe every child deserves access to strong and innovative schools, experiential learning and enrichment opportunities, career and technical education and, robust career path planning.
  • We believe citizens should be given room to solve problems effectively on their own and believe that families, churches, schools, neighborhoods, and other voluntary organizations are most able and likely to change individual behaviors and transform individual lives.

Board of Directors


Diane Hendricks
President and Chairman of the Board

Kendra Story

Konya Schuh
Secretary & Treasurer


Brent Fox
Kathy Hendricks
Kevin Hendricks
Kim Hendricks
Kara Stecker

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