JPAC Students

JPAC’s exponential growth as a driving factor necessitating its expansion. JPAC needed a separate space dedicated to performing arts education. When planning for the future it was important to the Board and JPAC staff to have a permanent structure like this in place.

Acts Housing

The Hendricks Family Foundation is pleased to award a five-year grant of nearly $1.2 million to the ACTS Housing Corporation,” announced Diane Hendricks, President and Chairman of the Board. “The ACTS model is a true ‘hands up’ model, offering coaching, skill-building and financing to help Beloit families become proud homeowners.

Boosting Literacy | Beloit Daily News, Hillary Gavin

Beloit Memorial High School National Honor Society students have been rounding up books and shelves to help boost early literacy. Student Gloria Heiss and fellow students will be hosting a book giveaway event from noon – 1 p.m. on May 11 at the Beloit Public Library.

1st Wisconsin Young Marines | Beloit

A priority of The Hendricks Family Foundation is to support our youth. One local organization geared to do that is the 1st Wisconsin Young Marines. It serves as a youth education and service program that focuses on building character.

Hendricks CareerTek Advanced Construction | Beloit Daily News Pic

There’s a lot to be learned in a locker room. Students at Hendricks CareerTek Advanced Construction Academy renovated locker rooms at the Krueger-Haskell Clubhouse.

Blender Cafe

Walk into the Beloit Public Library and you’re greeted by the smell of freshly ground coffee and baked bread.Turn right, and you’ll hit the Blender Cafe, the Stateline Area’s only library restaurant with a twist: it’s run by students.

GIFTS Men's Shelter | Rock County WI

A major priority of the Hendricks Family Foundation is to give people a second chance in life. With that in mind, the Foundation has awarded a grant of $50,000 to the God Is Faithful Temporary Shelter, more commonly known as GIFTS.

Beloit Daily News Photo - Students

Local students got a crash course in fire rescue and firefighting Tuesday as part of the Hendricks CareerTek summer academy series, hosted by the City of Beloit Fire Department at Fire Station One.

Academies Offer Kids Opportunity | Beloit Daily News

Parents looking to keep their kids challenged this summer might want to consider sending them to one of CareerTek’s many free academies.

CareerTek | Hendricks Family Foundation

There’s little doubt that Beloit has a plethora of committed agencies and organizations reaching out to help youth in many areas.